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Simpler, safer, easier
Do your clients like dealing with insurance?  We're guessing that they don't.  But as you know well, the more successful your clients are, the more valuable their businesses, the more they have at stake.  The higher the net worth, the greater the exposure.

As a specialist insurance brokerage we work exclusively with thriving businesses and successful individuals looking to protect what they have achieved.

We would be happy to meet with your clients who may need advice, assistance, or just an objective look at their insurance and risk situation — in support of your overall planning and strategy.

A portfolio, not policies
We're especially good at crafting coherent, intelligent insurance portfolios that provide just the right level of protection — and are much simpler to manage.  We can streamline, untangle, and de-mystify even the most complex business or personal insurance picture.

All in one hour per year
We think your clients should spend no more than one hour,  if that, per year on insurance matters.  We can do the rest: the set-up, the legal work, the paperwork, and periodic reviews.  With a question or claim, your client only needs to call us.

Who else uses Madison Insurance?
We work with successful individuals and companies throughout the northeast and nationwide.  Most clients come to us on the recommendation of other clients, or their attorneys, accountants and financial advisors.

Just ask.
We live and breathe insurance — the technicalities of it, the art of it.  Our team has more than 50 years of hands-on front line experience in making insurance work, here in the real world.

We'd be happy to support you in serving your clients.

For more information contact us at: greg@madisoninsurance.com or call 973.200.4761.